Easy boozy cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is not a foodstuff I think about much for eleven months of the year. Truth be told, having first tried the fakely sweet and solid from-a-jar variety, it wasn’t a foodstuff I thought about much at all for a very long time. I assumed that making my own would be a laborious process and so it’s not been a feature of my Christmas dinners in adulthood. But oh, this year will be different. It turns out making cranberry sauce is a total cinch.

I couldn’t resist adding some of Tyrconnell’s port finish whiskey to this version (thus breaking into our seasonal stash, much to Himself’s chagrin!) It’s just as tasty without, though, and, with some great deals on fresh cranberries to be had this year, easy to make in bulk as a lovely foodie gift.

Whiskey-spiked cranberry sauce

Ingredients for two 150g jars’ worth:

100ml freshly squeezed orange juice
100g soft light brown sugar
75ml whisk(e)y – not the peated stuff though
250g fresh cranberries

What to do:

Combine the orange juice, sugar and whiskey in a pot and heat gently until bubbling.

Tip in the cranberries and stir to coat. Leave to simmer gently on a low heat for about ten minutes until the berries have burst apart and are starting to go a little mushy.

Remove from the heat and leave to cool. Stir again to combine the berries and liquid, and pour into sterilised glass jars.

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